Leadership coaching, visual practitioner and team building professional services





Empathetic and sincere Leadership, Career and Life Coaching.  Do you wish you had someone impartial to help you figure out tough problems?

Work with me to meet your goals, discover your true potential, and live life to the fullest.

Visual Facilitation


Through client collaboration, we'll help capture ideas, strategy and direction. We'll design, facilitate and document results-oriented experiences. 

Our unique combination of deep listening skills and visualization techniques supports the outcomes you need. Get everyone on the same page, with creativity.

Graphic Recording


We'll translate your content into engaging, large-scale visual notes - either digitally or traditionally.

Participants will have a memorable visual record of events that can keep the information alive in impactful ways.


“I've really benefited from the exercises we did together and I am confident this will help me”

Speaking Engagements

Global Scrum Gathering San Diego 2017


FedAgile2017 Federal Reserve Bank


AgileCamp 2016, 2017

Spotify 2016