Why Graphic Recording?

Graphic Recording taps into the human connection with visuals.  Taking complex ideas and reinterpretting them as visual analogies and metaphors make your message and event more engaging, impactful and just plan fun!


Event recording

Also known as graphic listening, live scribing or large scale sketch-notes - graphic recording at your next meeting or event helps capture content, flow and discussion.

This keeps conversation moving and helps participants to get from analysis to implementation.


Keynote live illustration

Live recording provides visualization sketches in real-time of important events.  This is a creative way to engage audiences with important content in unique way.

It will delight and inspire attendees and stakeholders and make your message memorable.


Training facilitation

Graphic recording during training taps into the human condition.  We are a visual species, and process visual information more thoroughly than any other form.

I offer training on how to graphic record and facilitate, as well as how to develop impactful cirriculum using Sharon Bowman's Training from the BACK of the Room! techniques.