Why Visual Facilitation?

Graphic facilitation services help clients see concepts faster, make better decisions, and engage stakeholders to visualize complex ideas creatively.

Our minds recognize images 60,000 times faster than words.  More of our brain is dedicated to processing them than all other senses combined.  Upwards of 65% of the human population learn best through visuals.

They are a basic, evolutionary way that humans communicate and we should bring them back into business


Idea Capture

What if you could visualize your ideas in real-time, make it easier for others to relate to what you have in mind, keep stakeholders engaged and make team collaboration more effective?

We use visuals to help teams align on a common purpose, and communicate concepts quickly and concisely.  This taps into thinking modalities that unite us all, but is rarely used.


Team alignment

High performing teams are built on psychological safety and trust to build aligned purpose and collaborative environments. 

We use a variety of visual and traditional tools to guide teams on their journey.



Imagine harnessing the alignment powers of simple visuals and icons, combined with clear organization of strategy to present your strategy.

Using story-maps, personas and visioning techniques, we help provide solutions to planning, stakeholder values communication, and large scale decision making crossroads.